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Brooklyn native creates gel bandage

INDUSTRY CITY, BROOKLYN – Joe Landolina was 17 years old and a freshman at NYU when he thought of creating a plant-based gel to stop bleeding within seconds.

Today, he’s the CEO and co-founder of Cresilon, Inc., the company that has turned that idea into a reality.

The product is made at a 25,000 square-foot facility at Industry City in Brooklyn. The company says it’s the only sterile production facility in the five boroughs.

The beige-colored gel inside a syringe could save a life— and it’s made of plants.

“Being a plant-derived material, it means that you have fewer side effects and it can be safe and biocompatible,” Landolina said.

The biotech company makes gel which immediately stops bleeding without the need to apply pressure. One of its products, VetiGel, is used on animals.

“There are over three million bleeds every single year in animal health and many more bleeds on the human side that we’re hoping to eventually be able to target,” Landolina said.

The company submitted for FDA approval this month for its other gel product meant to be used on humans.

The gel essentially serves as a liquid band aid and is resorbable — meaning it can be left inside the body, so it can be used for surgery and external bleeds.

Landolina says it can treat injuries from a paper cut to a gunshot wound.

“Eventually, we’re looking to have this product hopefully on the belt of soldiers to be able to stop a massive hemorrhage,” he said.

They also hope to move the product into the retail space to make it available for purchase over the counter.

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