VETIGEL® is the first hemostatic gel for the veterinary market that stops bleeding in seconds.
VETIGEL box with syringe

VETIGEL® is available for purchase by licensed veterinarians in the United States. For additional information, reference IFU.

Stops Bleeding In Seconds

When applied to a wound, VETIGEL® controls bleeding on contact


All VETIGEL® proprietary polymers are derived from non-animal sources


VETIGEL® was subjected to applicable ISO 10993 testing and interpreted for veterinary use


As a gel, VETIGEL® can conform to a wide range of wound geometries

No Manual Pressure Needed

VETIGEL® creates a mechanical seal by applying its own pressure

No Preparation

VETIGEL® is supplied in a pre-filled syringe that is ready to use immediately

VETIGEL has a variety of applications

VETIGEL can be used both internally and externally.

Stops bleeding in seconds

<10 sec


West Village Veterinary Hospital

Charles Berk, DVM

“I have used VETIGEL for dentals and I really love it. Previous products we used were difficult, we had to cut the little piece off, hold it in place, it really slows you down and all of the sudden you look down and it’s gone again. VETIGEL basically prevents that problem”

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