Hemostatic Gel Immediately Stops Multiple Types of Bleeds Without Need to Apply Pressure

Cresilon is using recycled algae, meaning algae or kelp that has washed up onto the shoreline. The vendors they work with are highly sustainable as they are not damaging kelp forests but salvaging material that has already washed up on beaches.

Interview: 17-year-old invents life-saving gel technology

When he was 17 years old, Joe Landolina created a revolutionary gel. Now, he is 29 years old and co-founder and CEO of Cresilon, his homegrown Brooklyn-based biotech company that recently submitted the gel for FDA 510(k) clearance for human use and raised $38.5 million in Series A3 financing last year. DDW’s Megan Thomas caught up with Landolina about his success story.

Stopping Bleeding with Algal-Based Polymers

“Catastrophic bleeding is a cause of death after a wide variety of wounds in humans and other animals. This week’s podcast speaks with Joe Landolina from Cresilon, describing natural polymers that immediately cease bleeding, along with their military, medical and veterinary applications.”

How This Plant-Based Gel Can Treat Wounds

“Welcome back to Cheddar Innovates brought to you by Curiosity Stream. Our next guest is bringing innovation to something we’ve all used before: the Band Aid- but he’s bringing it to the next level by creating a gel that instantly stops bleeding and seals wounds from small paper cuts to even major traumatic bleeds. Joining us now is Joe Landolina: CEO and Founder of Cresilon.”

Brooklyn Native Creates Gel Bandage

“There are over three million bleeds every single year in animal health and many more bleeds on the human side that we’re hoping to eventually be able to target,” Landolina said.

Cresilon’s gel used for animals to stop bleeding in seconds

Nov. 08, 2021 – 3:54 – Cresilon CEO Joe Landolina discusses life-saving innovation on Fox Business.

Brooklyn Heights native's company Cresilon creates gel to stop bleeding

Not many college freshmen start a business as soon as they get to school. However, Brooklyn Heights’ Joe Landolina had other plans in mind when starting his company Cresilon Inc. 

Press Releases

Cresilon and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Sign Cooperative R&D Agreement for Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injuries

“Cresilon is extremely proud and honored to be supporting the DoD and WRAIR in this critically important work,” said Joe Landolina, CEO of Cresilon. “This collaboration is a testament to the potential of our technology, and we are truly hopeful that it can make a difference in the treatment of TBI and in the precious lives of our soldiers.”

Cresilon Announces FDA 510(k) Submission For Human Use Hemostatic Gel Technology

“This FDA submission marks an important milestone for Cresilon in our commitment to significantly improve the standard of care in wound treatment,” said Joe Landolina, CEO of Cresilon.

Cresilon Closes $38.5 Million Series A-3 Financing

This financing is expected to allow the company to aggressively accelerate its global growth plan and expand the rollout of VETIGEL®.

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